DDL Smart Working: House of Representatives Approval

It was in the air for a few days and finally we had the confirmation: yesterday, March 9, 2017, the House of Representatives has given the green light to DDL containing the discipline on Smart Working, which now returns to the Senate for final approval. The hope is that the legislative procedure will be quick and that, as soon as possible, we will have a legislation on Smart Working that is also faithful to the "smart" spirit of the DDL.


Variations, for several years, guided its customers in the design and implementation of Smart Working, thanks to six specific products that have been designed and developed to follow step by step the company's introduction process of this new way of organization of timing and working spaces:

1.     Smart Index: useful to evaluate the company's predisposition to the introduction of Smart Working

2.     Smart Readiness: identify the "smart worker" profiles which are best suited to a first experimentation

3.     Smart Work Shop: with which it is created the Business Policy that governs Smart Working

4.     Smart Communication: all key figures of the company are involved in the implementation process

5.     Smart Training: training modules for smart workers and managers, useful to enable all the necessary soft and hard skills

6.     Smart Impact: surveys quantifying Smart Working implications (savings and profits for the company, employees, and the environment)


Depending on the demands and the progress of work on Smart Working of each client we use the needed products, with a customized case-by-case approach.

So when the legislation on Smart Working will be ready, Variazioni will be prepared on the matter.


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