In Bergamo the sixth Global Healthy Workplace Award Summit

This was announced by Tommy Hutchinson, co-director of the Global Award and Roberto Moretti, Director of Health Promotion for ATS Bergamo.

The announcement of the chosen city was made at the beginning of December, during the awarding of 90 companies in the Bergamo WHP network - Workplace Health Promotions that are committed to improving the health of employees in the workplace.

(Tweet: After Shanghai 2014, Florianópolis 2015, Washington DC 2016 and Singapore 2017 the Global Healthy Workplace Awards 2018 will be held in Bergamo. Tommy Hutchinson of the Global Center for Healthy Workplace gave a communication this afternoon during the WHP Bergamo awards ceremony)


Mara Azzi, General Manager of Ats Bergamo, said: <<We are very satisfied with the awarding of this prestigious prize in Bergamo, the international recognition of our Whp network and the work done by the Ats of Bergamo>>


The previous locations of the award were London, Shanghai, Florenópolis (Brazil), Washington and Singapore. The award will be assigned to companies from all over the world of different sizes: two multinationals, two medium and two small businesses. Among the winners of the previous editions we can include GSK, Unilever and IBM.

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