Health in the workplace: 90 companies from Bergamo of WHP network have been awarded - Workplace Health Promotions

We talk about the "best practice" projects shared with the WHP network - Workplace Health Promotions Bergamo about Maternity and Smart Working.

Last December, Variazioni Srl participated as a spectator and contributor to the most anticipated event of the year: the award ceremony of 90 companies that are committed to improve the health of employees in the workplace through concrete projects and experiments.


The event opened with a spectacular scenography, thanks to the theater company Sabbie Luminose which was able to recreate the atmosphere of a “Dickensian” Coke Town in perfect counterpoint with the theme of the award ceremony, namely the importance of health, social wellbeing and promotion of work-life balance to improve the life expectancy and psycho-social well-being of people.


Under the moderation of Roberto Moretti of ATS Bergamo, Marco Cremaschini of WHP network and Marinella Valoti of ATS Bergamo, the event was able to bring together science and human resources to provide meaningful answers on how to increase the well-being of our society which is usually nervous and always moving.


Alice Cattaneo and Alessandro Bissola of Alfa Laval Olmi S.p.A., a Swedish company in the Oil & Gas sector, presented the initiatives L’anima della Salute and Maternity Master.


<< The initiative to promote the Maternity Master is in fact addressed to both mothers and fathers without distinction, and for us it has meant putting our employees at the center, investing in their future and in the territory in which they live together with their families. We want our employees to enjoy the best possible work-life balance.>>

Alfa Laval Olmi has also proposed six good practices within the L’anima della Salute project, including the Kit Nascita, the Parcheggio Rosa and the Maternity Master, which is a training course on how to be good parents and on how to manage the work-life balance. The benefits of these initiatives were monitored and measured using a specific reaction form.

The need for the initiative was dictated by the company's sensitivity towards the issues of work-life balance.


Simona Del Papa, ABB Cluster Talent Lead Italy and Spain, a Swiss company in the energy and automation sector, described the results of the project Lavoro Agile @ABB:


<< In the last three years we have developed the ABB Cares welfare platform, thanks to which our employees can find all the necessary information and choose which initiatives to benefit from, including Smart Working.>>


The Agile Work in ABB was introduced three years ago thanks to the experimentation in the Bergamo area of the Smart Companies network financed by ASL Bergamo, now ATS Bergamo. The network, coordinated and technically supported by Variazioni Srl, introduced the Smart Working experimentation, monitoring and measuring the results, in UBI Banca, Banco Popolare, Italcementi and Volvo, as well as, of course, in ABB.

The introduction of Smart Working in ABB has involved two areas: work-life balance and the culture of results and trust. In fact, the employees were left free to organize their work however they wanted in order to achieve the goals set. This result orientation led to a successful and, above all, a healthy project for our workers. Many commuters, for example, have reduced and continue to reduce the number of hours - and a lot of stress - in traffic. The figures are clear: on average in ABB there are 12,000 hours of Smart Working per month involving more than 400 workers in Bergamo and Dalmine offices.


<< Agile Work is not just for women, but for everyone: it is a form of conciliation used by fathers as well as by mothers. The law on Smart Working has been approved and technology supports Agile Work as well. Trust me, it teaches managers to better manage their collaborators, it's a great exercise.>>


Also according to Marco Cremaschini, of WHP network in ABB, Smart Working is a practice to be spread in companies not only because its efficiency has been proven, but it is also able to bring out the high value that the company gives to the quality of life of its employees. Confidence and reduced control bring positive implications for people: working in a low trust environment would inhibit the ability to think, making people less creative and performing.

Smart Working is a key tool to stimulate organizations to work on concepts such as trust and job control, which are recognized as factors of protection able to increase people's health. The application of these principles in the company is possible through listening, giving attention to the sphere of work-life balance, working by objectives, having flexible hours and an increased autonomy.


The event was closed by the announcement of Tommy Hutchinson, co-director of the Global Center for Healthy Workplaces, who announced the name of the city that will host the sixth Global Healthy Workplace Award Summit 2018: Bergamo, of course.


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