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News ed Eventi · 19. dicembre 2017
This was announced by Tommy Hutchinson, co-director of the Global Award and Roberto Moretti, Director of Health Promotion for ATS Bergamo.
News ed Eventi · 12. dicembre 2017
Last December, Variazioni Srl participated as a spectator and contributor to the most anticipated event of the year: the award ceremony of 90 companies that are committed to improve the health of employees in the workplace through concrete projects and experiments.

News ed Eventi · 25. novembre 2017
The subject of Fertility Day has raised many reactions in public opinion. It is an important subject which deserves serious reflection. We were working for over ten years on life-work balance policies with companies and public bodies and we want to give you our point of view on the subject, also supported by the European Commission's orientation, to show how this is not just a demographic problem and therefore not solvable with a simple campaign of diffusion and communication of pro-fertility st
News ed Eventi · 12. novembre 2017
The committee for Women's Business Promotion of the Mantua Chamber of Commerce has presented today the Smart Working Mantua Project, which features a network of 10 Mantua companies and will be implemented in 2017. Variazioni srl is a technical partner project. "The project - says Annick Mollard, President of the Women's Entrepreneurship Committee - is part of the far-sighted design of a group of people and companies who understand the signs of innovation and bring to Mantua reflections on the de

News ed Eventi · 12. novembre 2017
It was presented in Mantua, on the past 5th of December, the experimental project "Smart Working", strongly wanted by the Women's Entrepreneurship Committee (CIF) of the Mantua Chamber of Commerce. The project aims to involve a group of companies in the Mantua region, supporting them with regulatory and organizational actions. Variazioni srl is the technical partner of the project.
News ed Eventi · 12. novembre 2017
It was in the air for a few days and finally we had the confirmation: yesterday, March 9, 2017, the House of Representatives has given the green light to DDL containing the discipline on Smart Working, which now returns to the Senate for final approval. The hope is that the legislative procedure will be quick and that, as soon as possible, we will have a legislation on Smart Working that is also faithful to the "smart" spirit of the DDL.

News ed Eventi · 02. novembre 2017
A2A is the largest Italian multi-utility. The company works with about 12,000 people in 5 different sectors: generation and trading, commerce, environment, heat and networks. Leading in environmental services and district heating, A2A is the second Italian energy producer, the second operator in electricity distribution networks, and one of the first in gas and water cycle networks. A2A also focuses on research and invests in new technologies as Internet of Things (IoT), which provides solutions
News ed Eventi · 11. luglio 2017
From teleworking to agile work methodology: this is the path taken by a medium company, in the insurance industry, with whom we have had the pleasure of working for several months.

News ed Eventi · 11. luglio 2017
In Italy, Smart Working (flexi time work) is becoming a widespread reality especially in the big companies. This was seen in the Smart Working Observatory’s survey on the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, presented last 12 October in Milan and which involved 229 managers and 1,004 workers.
News ed Eventi · 11. luglio 2017
Smart Working, well known as Agile Working or Flexible Working, is continuing its overwhelming run in the future of work, despite it is not well defined from a regulative perspective. This fast coverage happens, in most cases, due to the approval, both from managers and employees. In fact, Smart Working permits to reach a wide range of positive results, such as: welfare improvement, an increase in work-life balance and productivity.

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