The "Smart Working Mantua" project starts

The committee for Women's Business Promotion of the Mantua Chamber of Commerce has presented today the Smart Working Mantua Project, which features a network of 10 Mantua companies and will be implemented in 2017. Variazioni srl is a technical partner project.

"The project - says Annick Mollard, President of the Women's Entrepreneurship Committee - is part of the far-sighted design of a group of people and companies who understand the signs of innovation and bring to Mantua reflections on the definition of new ways of working and new organizational behavioral solutions that could influence our daily lives and our working life. "

 The companies involved in the project are of different production sectors and of different sizes:

•   Tea Spa and Corneliani Spa (medium-large companies)

•   Cisaplast Spa, Charta Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, Replica Sistemi Spa (medium companies)

•   Mitech Srl, Lorenzini Ambrosio Srl, Thun Logistics Srl, AF SNC di Alberini

paolo e Carlo Alberto, Amaservizi Srl (micro and small companies)

Variazioni srl's advice is based on a support activity for the introduction of smart working through the realization of individual training moments and three training moments of the network, focus groups with workers, specific training for managers, drafting of the corporate policy, internal and external communication support for companies.

By December 2017, the network will implement a monitoring survey, made available by Variazioni srl, useful in measuring the impacts that the experiment has had on companies (savings and / or increased productivity, greater engagement, etc.) on employees (savings, greater satisfaction, increased life-work reconciliation, etc.) and the environment (Co2 reduction).

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