In Mantua, the CIF (Women's Entrepreneurship Committee) launches the "Smart Working" project for companies in the area

It was presented in Mantua, on the past 5th of December, the experimental project "Smart Working", strongly wanted by the Women's Entrepreneurship Committee (CIF) of the Mantua Chamber of Commerce. The project aims to involve a group of companies in the Mantua region, supporting them with regulatory and organizational actions. Variazioni srl is the technical partner of the project.


Why has CIF decided to bet on Smart Working?

Because smart working is a new way of organizing timing and work spaces that can create multiple benefits for the company, employees, and the environment. The most important benefits:

·      Costs reduction for companies (e.g. decrease in travel allowance, more motivated and flexible people, no more part-time jobs, retention and attraction of talents)

·      greater employee satisfaction (e.g. saving time and money, greater chances of balancing professional life with working life)

·      protecting the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions. These benefits can be generated by the fact that smart work performance can be done partly outside the company.


Why join the project?

To experience this new way of working effectively and intelligently, with the support of experts who will guide the company to:

•   define the shape of smart working that best suits the company’s features

•   be in line with all administrative requirements,

•   explain the smart working to workers and managers,

•   know the impact of smart working at the economic, organizational and cultural level in your company.

The results of the experiment will be presented at a public event at the end of 2017. 


How can you join the project?

Companies can join the project, engaging in experimenting Smart Working, by filling in the online application form, which can be downloaded from the Mantua Chamber of Commerce website. Once the application has been sent, a consultant will contact the company and support it through all stages with targeted materials.


Want to know more?

Do not miss the opportunity to participate at the presentation of the project organized on the 16th of December in Mantua, at the Multicentre "Antonino Zaniboni" - largo Pradella 1 / b, from 17.00 to 18.00. During the meeting, the project will be presented, also the goals to be achieved, the ways of joining and the benefits that can be obtained.

To participate fill in the form and send it to promoimpresa@mn.camcom.it

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